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 Michael Jackson Zone interview: Omer Bhatti

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Data de inscrição : 30/07/2013

MensagemAssunto: Michael Jackson Zone interview: Omer Bhatti   2/25/2015, 22:33

It is impossible to be a Michael Jackson fan and don't know who is Omer Bhatti or at least some of what he lived next to MJ, right? O-Bee (his stage name) was one of the King of Pop best friends, one of the few who have been there (and still is) fairly. He as a child was inspired by the King of Pop, and because of his inspiration he met his idol. But as always, unfortunately, the media couldn't be out of it. Many times published that their friendship was something bigger, blood ties, etc. But do you know who is Omer Bhatti, the entertainer?

He doesn't usually give interviews, much less talk about Michael Jackson, but MJJZone got a chance and now exclusively bring it to you. Enjoy...

Today, Omer is a 29-years-old recording artist, who has won more and more supporters wherever he goes, and which also serves as an inspiration to many. "I never thought of myself as an inspiration, but I feel humbled when I am told so. Even though I dont put to much emphasis on it, it does make me want to better myself and strive to get better".

It's not a surprise to anyone that MJ has influenced him in what he does today and also the man he has become. Late last year he traveled to South Africa as an ambassador for "Nelson Mandela Library Project", he really became a great man. "He [MJ] influenced me in many ways when it comes to performing on stage and dancing. I don't think about it too much, but some of the projects I work on, I later see he had an influence on. But it is something that comes naturally", he said. "He shaped me in so many ways. He opened my mind to many of the core beliefs I have today and the same stuff i research and study."

Omer started a movement called KiDS LIFE, which has already expanded for more things. "KiDS LIFE movement is a lifestyle, for anyone working in creative fields. It stand for KNOWING iMAGINATION DETERMINES SUCCESS. ThIS movement is a way of life which seeks to restore the vivid imagination and free spirit lost in growing up", and added "I definatly see it growing in the future, not sure to what. I do have some ideas and I am myself excited to see where it goes."

In 2014 he was a judge for Norway's Got Talent, and experienced something out of what he is used to. "It was a great experience for me. Got the chance to show people another side of me, while just talking, where I actually am pretty shy".

He hasn't released a debut album, but he has been constantly in the studio. In 2012, while still had a contract with Universal Music Norge, he released the single "See The Light" in partnership with the singer Shontelle. "Yes, I have been in studio with several Norwegian artists, but the biggest internation artist must be Shontelle, who was featured on my single 'See The Light'", he said.

Last year he released his first single as an independent artist - "Love You In The Morning" - and was on the charts alongside his mentor and greatest inspiration Michael Jackson, "It was kinda weird to see, but also fun. Never expected to see that".

With the single "Love You In The Morning" O-Bee performed in VGLista tour, the first time as an recording artist, as he had performed at the same event in 2006 as a dancer. "Big difference. It feel a lot better to be performing on stage with my own original work. Seeing people seeing along to my song is a great feeling". To perform with him on VGLista, he took the Norwegian group Juice Crew, which he met during Norway's Got Talent. "They are some really talented and cool guys, who have also become my friends. We share a lot in common, and you will see more of us together".

He also work on creating choreography for his own performances. "I don't always choreograph everything. Sometimes it's freestyle and sometimes it's with collabo if I'm performing with other dancer. But I always try to take things to the next level. Keep watching and you will see", he said.

At first he was presenting some songs in rap style, and ended up being labeled. But today his music has become something pop, with a different beat. "I would not call myself a straight up rapper. In fact I don't like to label myself. I make music that I am feeling at the moment. But if you were to name it a certain style, it would be crossover hiphop/pop".

Seizing the moment, we asked what's most difficult for him: create the choreography or music? "It takes longer to create music , since it's more new to me".

It's true that he has many fans/supporters in Brazil, and everyone wants to know if he has plans to visit our country. So we asked, then he said something more than just a desire to step on Brazilian soil, he said "Yes one of my dreams is still to come to Brazil and shoot a music video, and I have a feeling it will happen one day" (Who's anxious???)

About 2015... "More music, more dance, and other creative projects that I will be working on".

To finish the interview, he left a message for his Brazilian fans: "I would like to give a big shoutout to all my Brazilian fans, I feel your love, and I am truly thankful for all your support. Special shoutout to obeesource.com who is Brazilian and maybe the best fanblog I know of".

Omer, thank you very for giving us a little of your time. To talk to one of the people who were next to our idol as you is very gratifying for us. May God bless you. - Team MJJZone

*This interview can only be reproduced on other pages, sites or blogs with the MJJZone permission.
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Michael Jackson Zone interview: Omer Bhatti
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